It is generally accepted that all furniture sold in New Zealand to consumers must be guaranteed under the Consumer Guarantees Act. This covers against faulty workmanship and materials it also covers you if the product is not fit for the purpose it was intended. Fair wear and tear, evidence of mistreatment or items purchased for business use will not be covered under the Act. YNL furniture aims to satisfy our customers, a fair solution will hopefully be found depending on each claim.

  • Wooden furniture

    • Warranty period:
      • 2 Years for Hardwood furniture (Oak, Rubberwood, Elm etc)
      • 1 Year for Softwood furniture (Pine, MDF)
    • Warranty type:
    RTB (Return to base): The buyer will be responsible for the cost to take the furniture back to YNL and YNL will be responsible for the cost associated with sending the replacement item back to the buyer
      • What's covered:
        • Defective material and poor workmanship
        • Splits, cracks and chip offs (Must be reported within 12 hours after the delivery or pick up)
        • Structural manufacturing's fault
        • Cost associated with
      • What's not covered:
        • Normal wear and tear
        • Normal expansion and contraction of timber as it reacts to climatic changes in its environment
        • Mishandling or mistreatment 
        • Improper care
        • Damge from excessive exposion to sunlight and heat
        • Timber products, being a natural material, knots, stress marks, ingrown barks and natural variations in colour are not considered defects


      • Mattress

        • Warranty Period:
      For the Warranty period stated on the product page (varies depending on the model)
        • What's covered (under normal use):
            • Any permanent sags or dips that occur within your mattress despite correct usage. The indentation should be greater than 2.5cm and visible to the naked eye. 
            • Any cracks or hollows in the foam of your mattress. 
            • Coil wire snapped or penetrated
        • What's not covered:
          • Normal wear and tear

          • Natural softening of the mattress after extensive use and is only deemed faulty if a permanent indent is apparent.

          • Misuse and stains not limited to the following situations:

            • Splinters from slat poking through the fabric if the buyer pushed the mattress when positioning it onto the frame (Mattress should be lifted and placed, not pushed across)
            • Never rotated the mattress (should rotate it every 6 month)to even out the distribution of body weight
          • Issues with firmness or comfort.

            Please choose your mattress carefully. Once a mattress has been used, it cannot be returned and/or refunded for the reason of comfort

            Mattresses will conform to your body and body impressions are likely to occur. This is expected and is not considered a defect with the mattress. Note there is a wear in period, where we suggest that you would normally need a month to get used to your new mattress. It may start to feel uncomfortable, especially as it gets to work to support your spine.