Absolutely Natural 7cm Latex Pocket-Spring Mattress/Model 2003-7L#

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Product Description

Description: 7cm Latex pillow-top on top of Pocket-spring. Thickest layer of solid Latex foam on the market, zero blending with any synthetic material. A lot heavier as a result of Latex being much higher in density compared to any other foam.

Benefits of pure Latex foam:

  • Durable. Latex is very durable. It is excellent at resisting body impressions and tends to always spring back to its original state
  • Supportive. Latex contours to the shape of your body while remaining very “buoyant,” keeping you floating on top of it rather than sinking too far into it
  • Temperature neutral. Latex does not easily change its temperature (in scientific terms, it has a high specific heat; it takes a lot of energy to increase the temperature each degree). This means it does not sleep hot or cold, and the firmness is not affected by room or body temperature. This leads to less tossing and turning to try to find a cooler spot on the bed.
  • Hypoallergenic. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, which adds another layer of protection against allergens such as dust mites.

We normally import 3 sizes from Queen to Super King, but call us to make sure it is available, other sizes may also be available by pre-ordering.
Brand: Freement NZ
Model: 2003-7L
Total Thickness(cm): 29
Firmness: Firm
Warranty: 10 Years

Spring Type: Pocket Spring Height(cm): 20
1st Layer: HDF 1st Layer Thickness(cm): 2
2nd Layer: Latex 2nd Layer Thickness(cm): 7

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